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La Posada – Thu 15 Dec – Hills & Sheep

Comfortable night last night. Up early this morning for prayers, breakfast and our onward journey. We were thanked for coming to stay here.

dscf5089We returned to The Moorings and this time we were greeted by Layla, a very friendly dog with a long white tail. After a rest, we accompanied the Innkeeper as she delivered cards and invited people to a Carol Service. The neighbours made us very welcome and once again were fascinated by the journey Joseph and I are making.

The Innkeeper seemed to sense that I prefer the countryside to the busy town so we went out again. Even though it rained heavily, it was wonderful to arrive in a place that was so like my beloved Galilee – lots of hills and sheep – an ideal environment to bring up a child. I would like Jesus to grow up in a place like this – Jesus – God saves – so much to take in.

dscf5092Once again, we were made very welcome and there were even more dogs. I asked Joseph if we could have a dog but he said “no” – a new Baby is more than enough to cope with. He is such a sensible man, he’s going to be a wonderful foster Father.

Back at The Moorings, the Innkeeper said Joseph and I needed a quiet evening after so much visiting . I am tired but feel strongly that our presence has made a difference to those we have met. After evening prayers, we decided on an early night – Joseph and I have an appointment with the hairdresser in the morning.

La Posada – Wed 14 Dec – Brecon & Bishops

An early start today as we are to travel to a meeting in Brecon. Over breakfast, we talked with the Innkeeper about last night’s meeting; amazingly calm and good humoured –  I think we made a difference.

Together, we said prayers for a safe journey.

Such a beautiful day and the scenery was stunning as we travelled between Abergavenny and Brecon. The journey at times was slow as we followed farm traffic and the Innkeeper was anxious that she would be late for her meeting – I told her that all would be well.

We arrived in time for something called the St. Padarn’s Council. Bishop Richard was initially startled to see us but welcomed us by name and spoke of the “hidden” Jesus.


dscf5087The meeting seemed to go on and on so it was very pleasant to talk to some really friendly people when it was over.They were interested in our journey and asked Joseph and I lots of questions – one of them even had a peek in my diary!

The Innkeeper had planned to take us in the Cathedral but they were preparing for a service. We did see lots of young boys in bright red robes who began to sing loudly. As we were cold, we went in to Pilgrims for a coffee and a kind lady invited us to join her table. She told us that that she was going to Christ College Carol Service before taking her twins home to Cardigan for Christmas.

Our return home was delayed by a huge traffic jam, fortunately, the Innkeeper saw the funny side of the situation. Joseph and I snuggled up in the back of the car and enjoyed the ride and wonderful views. We paid a quiet visit to friends in a little town; there was no need to announce our arrival. I was aware that this was a home where Faith, family and friendship were of utmost importance. Joseph and I agreed that we would work hard to make our home in Nazareth a special place.

La Posada – Mon 5 Dec – The Future

What a good night’s sleep.


The bed was lovely and warm and cosy. I could have stayed there all day. I was told I couldn’t though.

It was Aderyn’s Christmas play this morning. I saw the future being set out in front of me. They were telling the story of the birth of my Son.

I though we could have a quiet afternoon as there were no other activities planned. I needed a rest after such a busy time before continuing our journey tomorrow.

No such luck.

Even a quiet afternoon at home is exhausting at the Baulch house. Llywelyn is a very lively chap with so much energy and full of mischief. I wonder if Jesus is going to be such hard work at 2 years old.

Introducing La Posada – Advent 2016

La Posada is a South American Advent custom which we have brought to our Parish this year!

‘Posada’ means a roadside ‘inn’ and refers to the various places in which Mary and Joseph stayed on their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem, while awaiting the birth of Jesus.

20161204_112220The Posada (the image of The Holy Family prior to the Birth of Jesus) travels around our. homes during Advent, spending a night here and there (as did Our Lady and S Joseph), sharing in the lives of those who offer them ‘shelter’. The final hosts bring the Posada to the Crib Service in Church on Christmas Eve, representing the arrival of the Holy Family in Bethlehem.

The en route ‘hosts’ keep a ‘diary’ of what happens (from the point of view of the Holy Family as it were) and have an opportunity to reflect on what it means to have Jesus ‘hidden’ yet Present at the heart of our circumstances (with all our joys and challenges), just as did Mary and Joseph as they journeyed towards Bethlehem that first Christmas, many years ago. Keep checking this site and Facebook as we will be sharing the diary entries and pictures as La Posada makes its special journey this Advent.

Whether or not we host the Posada, that message is for each one of us as we approach Christmas 2016 – and every year.