reredos_smallThis is the story of two 4th century martyrs and the 20th century church that bears their names. There is little written about our two patrons, Julius and Aaron beyond a few footnotes in history. However, their example has inspired an active worshipping community through the centuries and culminated in the parish church here standing – an act that in itself was down to a number of inspirational and visionary people through the last 100 years. For those of us who have custody of this building today, it is an immense privilege – but we remain conscious that we have a great responsibility to ensure that both its history and its living witness continue to be heard within and beyond our generation. This Church History is a part of the continued telling of that story – we hope you find it as interesting and inspiring as we do.

The text of this History is based on Basil Reeve’s “St Julius and Aaron Parish Church History and Guide”, published by the Vicar and Churchwardens in 1997. This work in its own right made use of some material from a 1947 publication by Gordon Southcard, revised in 1981, titled “A Parish History”. For reasons of space and economy, some of the historical detail of the 1981 edition did not make it to the 1997 version and this website now allows the fruits of both works to be available for posterity. Both recognised the assistance of others in their production and to that end the foreword and acknowledgements from this source material are reproduced, along with Dr Rowan William’s preface (then Bishop of Monmouth).

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