Who’s who?

Among those who exercise active ministries here are:

The Parish Priest – Fr David Matthews


 Fr DAvid

The Director of Music and Worship Music Group

Alistair McCormick with the WMG (Worship Music Group)

The PCC 2017-2018

The Parochial Church Council are the elected representatives of the Church community charged with Mission in this part of Newport. They meet every two months in full session, and in working groups between these times to work on more detailed plans. This year’s representatives elected at the 2017 Vestry Meeting are:

Fr David Matthews (Chair)

Jan Morgan (Parish Priest’s Churchwarden)

Paulette Brown (People’s Churchwarden)
Miriam Sweet (People’s Churchwarden)

John Tester (PCC Treasurer)

Catherine Jones (PCC Secretary)

Aimee Baulch

Becky Bickerton

Andrew Bowen

Gayner Davies

Jean Geary

Sharon Gibbons

Avril Jones

Beryl Morgan

Sue Stanaway