God comes first

We are a mission-focused and welcoming church in the Catholic Tradition of the Church in Wales, part of the Beechwood Ministry Area, dedicated to the local martyrs, Saints Julius and Aaron. We are known for our engaging, modern Catholic liturgy, our high standard of music and our relaxed, prayerful atmosphere where men, women, young people, children, toddlers and babies are warmly welcomed, encouraged and nurtured in the knowledge and love of God.


Lives are changed

Through Baptism, we begin the existence of a long relationship with God and His Church which opens us to His love and grace and assures us of the Lord’s friendship for ever. Through the Marriage Vows made to one another in Church, a couple enter into a new way of life that is a Sacrament – God blesses their union and gives them help (or grace) to live into the serious promises and commitment their Vows express 


Nurtured in the Love of God

There has been a Christian presence in this part of Newport since our patrons Julius and Aaron, legionaries at the Roman settlement of Caerleon, were martyred for their faith in the 4th Century. This history of Christian witness has continued to our own day with the consecrating of the existing church building in 1926. Under their patronage and prayer, the church continues to serve and support the community of St Julians here in Newport