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La Posada – Tue 13 Dec – Choir


Our last day at this Inn before we move on to our next stop.

20161212_102743The Innkeeper’s husband was getting creative taking pictures and was in danger of “worrying” our donkey. However, we had a bit of peace while he turned to copying down entries from my diary – apparently I am quite well read!

I find I am enjoying this journey, despite my circumstances. It is wonderful to experience the care and friendship of others, travelling from home to home, and it is touching to see the respect Joseph and I are afforded. At times we almost feel like royalty yet we are only doing that which I promised in faith – I am the Lord’s handmaid.

We finished our day back in Church for choir practice – the choir are preparing for the Carol Service the Innkeeper’s husband had been working on earlier. We listened in for a bit. One piece linked together the wood of a cradle with the wood of a cross. I know of the cross as an instrument of suffering – why would such a thing be linked to the birth of a baby?

img_0995And yet, I know not to fear uncertainty, nor to be surprised by the turns life takes. God will work marvels in us all as he has in me. We have only to trust and let it happen.

Joseph and I said our devotion together with the choir, took a ‘Posada selfie’, made our final goodbyes and continued on our way.


Music’s Measure

I’ve spent a good part of this month listening to a CD of 100 Worship Songs. Not always as uplifting as it may sound, but all in the name of research to augment our repertoire of congregational music, particularly for All Age Mass. The CD presented the top 100 songs by usage (according to CCL copyright returns) so gave a quick insight into what is generally popular in worship at this time. I’ll write more on my findings in a future column.
It got me to thinking, though, just what is our repertoire? How varied are we? I only have records dating back to when I started as organist here, but that still gives me a good 4 years – easily covering a 3 year church cycle. So here’s a list of facts and figures about the St Julian’s Repertoire. The good news is; if you’ve been at mass most Sundays for the same period, you can boast down the pub that it’s your repertoire too! Note these are distinct pieces – some will have been used more than once so your actual singing rate is much higher.

• 303 different hymns & worship songs
• 26 mass settings or parts of mass settings known (of course, you’ve recently added one)
• 137 different psalm settings
• 7 types of sung intercession responses
• 103 different choir anthems/pieces

The most sung hymns/songs in that four year period (counting Sunday Masses only) were:

• Alleluia, sing to Jesus (8 times)
• Immortal, invisible, God only wise; Just as I am, without one plea; Shine, Jesus, shine (all 7 times)

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m working hard on increasing your hymn & worship song count by at least another six over the coming months. Time to start gargling with that brandy!

Alistair McCormick
Feast of SS Alban, Julius & Aaron, Martyrs, 2013