20160904-img_0012Our next stay took us across Newport, up a rather steep hill but with quite a view over the surrounding countryside. Joseph was particularly taken by the wooded slopes and has promised he could turn his hand to some new furniture for us if I would allow him some of that pine wood. I told him I would ponder it in my heart.

20161213_163219The Innkeeper and her family allowed me to settle in before they disappeared for a few hours in the afternoon to meet up with their extended family in a place called England. They invited us along but I politely declined. I promised to consider a future visit – I will suggest to my Son when he’s older that he may enjoy walking upon England’s mountains green.

The family returned and settled for the evening. As with other places we’ve stayed, there is a festal atmosphere to the decoration indoors. Many sparkling lights bringing to mind evenings as a young girl spent looking up the skies, wondering at the stars.

If only they could speak, I am sure they would tell of such wonderful things.

20161211_184747The Innkeeper’s husband is something of a musician and I spent some time turning pages for him as he recorded an accompaniment for a forthcoming Carol Service.

The carol was titled ‘Angels’ Carol’, and began “have you heard the sound of the angel voices?”

I explained that I certainly had!

The Innkeeper herself was preparing song words too, this time referring to a food called Figgy Pudding. Apparently people don’t go until they get some. In my current state, with unusual food cravings, it sounds quite appealing and I’ve suggested Joseph may like to source some the next time he’s down Nazareth way. He smiled affectionately but continued to look wistfully at the pine trees.

We said our devotion together with our hosts and turned in for the night.