And so to our final Mass of the Pilgrimage, and an opportunity to draw everything together. Fr David concluded his series of homilies by asking us, ‘what will we say and do?’ and what will others say of us as a result of our time of transformation and renewal here in Walsingham. Our devotional items were blessed, we bade farewell to Our Lady and we took a fellowship breakfast together one final time.

A long physical journey home awaits us all but, like the Magi, we are all of us returning by a ‘different Way’. Each of us has told of the unique and personal ways this week has touched us – in its laughter, its poignancy, its depth, its solace, its challenge.

It has been a wonderful week.


O holy house of Walsingham!
Here would we ever dwell,
But Jesus calls us to the strife
And tumults of our daily life,
Our Lady’s Shrine, “Farewell.”
Our Lady’s Shrine, “Farewell.”


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