We made our way to St Teilo Alway today as we continue our journey to Bethlehem. We found an empty stable to rest for the evening – I hope the owners won’t mind.

While we were there many of our friends we’ve already spent time with on the road came to sing carols and celebrate the story of God’s goodness to us.

We heard about the great plan of salvation as revealed by the Prophet Isaiah. Then there was something close to my own heart – my own encounter with an angel that has transformed my life. There were many songs – one echoed the words of Gabriel himself, ‘most highly favoured Lady’; another was beautiful but harrowing – a lullaby that foretold of great suffering at the hands of a jealous king; yet another spoke of the inadequacy with which we can offer anything of worth to the Father who knows all and provides all.

Yet that same Father longs for us to love him in return – and how precious that gift of love is.

So what can we offer? What can I give Him?

Give my heart.