Some important practical information about Sunday Mass on Youtube from 23 August onwards.

The Mass will still be available from 10am via the usual Youtube channel page but with a difference – the Mass will be live-streamed (that is, broadcast live) rather than pre-recorded. This means the words for hymns/responses etc will not appear on-screen as you may have got used to over the past few months! The words will be provided on a separate sheet which you should download from our website in advance of the service. You can either use these words on your phone/pc itself (separate to the one you are watching the mass on) or print them out. The words sheet will be available at the usual live website address of

This is experimental at this stage as we are deliberately using the next few weeks to iron out the technicalities. Further, you’ve probably all got rather used to having words and pictures and sound levels all nicely edited together for you – I would ask your patience as we move into this next stage as there are likely to be a few techie stumbles.

However, we hope this will act as the bridge between online provision, still a neccessity for many, and the return to the Sunday Mass in church itself which we are all eagerly looking forward to. As ever, we would appreciate your feedback on how this looks, feels and sounds: it’s difficult to get a true sense of what the stream looks like from the other side so please comment on facebook or in the Youtube chat itself or send an email.


St Isidore of Seville, Pray for Us!

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