Monday 29 June – Weekday

9.30am Mass

Tuesday 30 June – Weekday:  No Mass today

Wednesday 1 July – Weekday


9am The Jesus Prayer

9.30am Mass followed by Coffee

Thursday 2 July – Weekday


6pm Eucharistic Adoration until  7pm Mass


Friday 3 July – S Thomas the Apostle

Thomas is mentioned among the number of the Apostles in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke but it is in John’s gospel that his significance is revealed. Firstly, he is heard encouraging the other disciples to go to Judæa with Jesus; then, not knowing what Jesus meant when he talked about where he was to go elicited the answer that Jesus was himself the Way. But probably most famously he was the Apostle notably unconvinced by reports of the resurrection of Jesus, causing Jesus to show him the marks in his hands and feet and side. Thomas then proclaims the words that have been described as the great climax to John’s gospel by saying to Jesus, “My Lord and my God!”

9am Eucharistic Adoration

9.30am Mass

Saturday 4 July – Of Our Lady


9.30am Mass