We are looking at making use of technology to help us through the coming weeks and ensure that engagement with the worship life of the church can be sustained.

Although public celebrations of the Mass are not possible, it is planned to live-stream Fr David’s privately celebrated Mass this Sunday from St Julians over the internet, at its usual time of 10am. If successful this is a pattern we will repeat and refine over the coming weeks.

A live-stream is simply a live broadcast, exactly like a live sports event you may see on TV, but viewed on your home computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV. Crucially you are seeing what is being done at the exact moment it is happening – it is not a simple playback of a recording – so is as close as you will be able to get to being there without actually being so!

To access the live stream you simply need a web browser. The good news is, if you’re reading this, you’re already using one! However, if you’re currently on a smartphone, you will probably find watching the broadcast a better experience on a desktop or mobile computer, or a smart TV.

We are using Youtube to do the streaming. Again, this is not a detail you really need to care about, but if you are tech-savvy and already have a Google account, it does mean you will be able to subscribe to the channel, look back over previous streams or even watch this on your Smart TV if you have one.

Over the next few days we want to be sure you are setup as best you can to access the stream and iron out issues before we start so this first post is to set out what you should expect and how you can access it.

Further information will be made available over the next day or so but as a first test, let’s make sure you can access Youtube content.

On clicking the link below you should be taken to a new window with a video playing. Make sure you can hear it (you may need to turn up the volume) – you’ll notice some horizontal lines on this video: this is caused by the LED lighting in the room the recording was taken in – this won’t be the case on Sunday.

If after clicking the link below, you cannot see this video, or hear anything, let us know either by commenting on this similar post on Facebook or by emailing

Click this link for a test stream

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