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Welcome to St Julians Parish Church, Newport

Welcome to St Julians Parish Church Newport, dedicated to the local martyrs Julius and Aaron, contemporaries of St Alban.

“Where God comes first and lives are changed”

St Julius & St Aaron Church is the Anglican parish church serving the St Julian’s area of Newport (so also known as St Julians Parish Church).
The parish sits within the East Newport Ministry Area of the Diocese of Monmouth of the Church in Wales

We are a mission-focused and welcoming church in the Catholic Tradition of the Church in Wales. We are known for our engaging, modern Catholic liturgy, our high standard of music and our relaxed, prayerful atmosphere where men, women, young people, children, toddlers and babies are warmly welcomed, encouraged and nurtured in the knowledge and love of God. Come and join us!


Wednesday 20 Dec – Carols

We made our way to St Teilo Alway today as we continue our journey to Bethlehem. We found an empty stable to rest for the evening – I hope the owners won’t mind.

While we were there many of our friends we’ve already spent time with on the road came to sing carols and celebrate the story of God’s goodness to us.

We heard about the great plan of salvation as revealed by the Prophet Isaiah. Then there was something close to my own heart – my own encounter with an angel that has transformed my life. There were many songs – one echoed the words of Gabriel himself, ‘most highly favoured Lady’; another was beautiful but harrowing – a lullaby that foretold of great suffering at the hands of a jealous king; yet another spoke of the inadequacy with which we can offer anything of worth to the Father who knows all and provides all.

Yet that same Father longs for us to love him in return – and how precious that gift of love is.

So what can we offer? What can I give Him?

Give my heart.

Tuesday 19 Dec – O Christmas Tree

This evening we arrived at the home of Sr Frances and her little dog Sioni. I felt very tired as we had travelled to a place called Cardiff.

It was a misty evening but the house was warm and we were made very welcome. We tethered our donkey and watched St Frances decorate a tree – it seems a very strange custom having a tree inside a house.

Sr Frances explained that the tree was a spruce and it came from a country called Norway although it reminded us of the cypresses on the banks of the River Jordan.

We rested  whilst the tree was decorated with lovely coloured lights.

Sr Frances gave Jospeh a warm drink called mulled wine and I had a glass of milk. There was a sense of a great celebration that would soon be happening. As the night closed in we sat quietly and I looked at the star twinkling at the top of the tree and thought to myself that I would see this again very soon.

Joseph and I settled down to a quiet night wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Monday 18 Dec – In praise of our donkey

We arrived at our next stop just in time for tea. The donkey was stabled and fed and the hosts showed us a picture of the donkey they have ‘adopted’ called Timothy. He looks a lot like ours. It reminded us how hardworking donkeys are around the world, often providing essential help to poor families. I don’t know how we would have managed this trip without ours.

We spent the evening cathing up with a dance programme called ‘Strictly’. Very loud and sparkly!