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La Posada -Thu 22 Dec – Puppy

We arrived at our next host’s home to a scene of chaos….there was a puppy running riot and our host’s husband was trying to catch it. It was exhausting to watch….

Our host arrived home at mid day. She had been taking her daughter to stay with her grandparents. Our host was sad that her daughter wouldn’t meet us, but mentioned something about doing face time tomorrow. I have no idea what this is…..

We said our prayers in the early evening and were then left to look after the puppy as our hosts were going to a place called ‘the theatre’ to see someone called Mary Poppins…..


La Posada – Tue 13 Dec pm – Recycling & reclining

0From choir practice, we were taken to a hall for a Ward meeting – lots of talk about recycling and parking! Joseph and I were introduced to Carmel, the local councillor who seems to be a very busy lady.

Now we are at The Moorings – so glad our donkey is able to rest for a couple of days. The house is warm and comfortable but no sign of decorations or pretty lights…….

There is a dog basket but no dog, apparently she is on a sleepover, how strange.

We are both very tired and I am very grateful for the warm drink and reclining chair. It is so quiet, I think we shall sleep well tonight.

La Posada – Thu 1 Dec -Celebrity


Feeling tired, uncomfortable today, we stopped to rest for a few days with the Heath family where we had a warm welcome. This evening we all watched ‘I’m a Celebrity’. I found it very interesting, and as I turned to look at Joseph I smiled. He was fast asleep, bless him.

We had supper and drank a mug of hot cocoa, it was delicious.

Dexter the dog entertained this evening, we found him very amusing.


La Posada – Sun 27 Nov – Sioni

untitledWe arrived from Walsingham (in a box) at a place called Cardiff and the house of Sister Frances. We met her little dog who is called Sioni. He appears to be very curious and very naughty. We were all very tired so we rested for a while and had supper, after which we watched people dancing on the television. Sister Frances read her books on do-it-yourself midwifery (just in case!!) and we went to bed.