Our Advent journey has begun once again. Every year Joseph and I make this journey and because we know it so well we can look forward to all the joys of kindness and love we will receive. There are, however, still many difficulties we will face.

I hold inside my belly a most special gift, a gift from God which is offered to all of his earthly children. For Joseph and me this is a great blessing but also a tremendous responsibility. We must look after and nurture this gift of God’s Son but we have been asked to travel a great distance to Bethlehem.

A mother will always worry that she may do well for her children but my worry is lessened by my faith that God will lead us along the way and that along the way we will be cared for by many who also seem to know our story.

It is early in our journey and so I still have a good deal of energy and stamina. Thank goodness for that as we stayed in a very lovely home last night. We met at a gathering yesterday which was behing held in this honour and anticipation of the birth of our baby Jesus – a baby born to all of us. After some crafts, lots of snacks, many laughs, plenty of good company, it was time to pack up and go home with Lara and her family. We had to wait a few minutes for our ride and so we passed the time by singing roadside carols with Father David, Wendy, Avril, Phillipa, Gethin, Molly, Lara, Bryony and Esme. What a sight to behold 🙂

Our afternoon was busy and fun as we watched the children decorate the tre and create future memories. Our day finally came to an end and we were truly exhausted.
The house calmed and quieted. As peace descended, so did sleep.

Our morning has also been quiet. Our host informs us it’s one of her favourite times of day.
We say goodbye to this family today and thanks them for all they shared with us – for it is through their sharing that we know we are following God’s will for us.
Thank you to Lara, Stephen, Tom, Charlie, Jay, Hannah, Bryony, Esme and Joshua.

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