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Also known as Christening – they mean similar things – marks a very significant event in the life of any adult, young person or child who receives this Sacrament.

It lies within the ‘Rites of Christian Initiation’ (which also include Confirmation, usually at a later stage). Through Baptism, we begin an existence long relationship with God and His Church which opens us to His love and grace and assures us of the Lord’s friendship for ever.

Generally, unless there is grave danger of imminent death,we celebrate Baptism at 12.30pm on certain Sundays of the month (outside the Seasons of Advent and Lent) which means effectively that there can be Baptisms on available Sundays except in the month of December or from mid-February to early or mid-April, depending on the date of Easter each year.

If you are interested in Baptism for yourself or for a young person or child in your care, please contact Fr David on 01633 258 046 or by email: to discuss it and make arrangements, if it is right for you to go ahead with the Baptism.

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