• PCC MEETING:  tomorrow at 7.30pm.
  • PARISH GIFT DAY: today; please place your Gift in the Gift Day Basket or give it to the Churchwardens or return it in the next few days. Thank you!
  • HARVEST SUPPER: Monday 7th October @ 7.30pm. Tickets (£6.50 inc a glass of wine) available until 2 Oct from Jen or Gayner.
  • RAVEN HOUSE HARVEST: we shall donate to Raven House (within our Ministry Area) as our Harvest Offering. Please bring parcels of dried and tinned goods only, please, to be received at the Offertory next Sunday 6 Oct when we give thanks for the Blessings of the Harvest of the Earth, Sea and of our Lives.
  • OUR THANKS: to Miriam for organising and all who supported the Parish Lunch at Belmont Abbey and to Alan and Pat Butcher (who funded and organised) and to all who supported the Cheese & Wine event at the Centurion yesterday at the Centurion.
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Please consider, pray about and if you feel led to volunteer, speak to Fr David about joining the Serving, Sidespeople and Scripture Readers Teams at Mass? Ongoing, appropriate training will be required and given. Is God calling you?


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