Sunday Mass Live Stream

Start Here

This is the launch page for our planned programme of live-streamed liturgy at St Julians over the coming weeks. Bookmark this page. It’s easy to remember too:

Be Prepared

Make sure you are on a device with access to the internet – you can test that you can view online content by reading this post and following the test at the end.

Download/print a copy of the Order of Mass from the panel on the right hand side (if you’re on a PC – scroll down on a phone) or by clicking here. (Note this will open up in a new window/tab)

Words for the litany and psalm responses, plus any hymns will appear in the video stream itself

The live stream will begin broadcasting between 0945 and 1000 this Sunday to enable everyone to connect in and set up their devices. The Mass will begin at 10am.


Join the live broadcast from 0945 by clicking here. This will take you to our Youtube Channel – click on the box advertising this week’s service (it will be marked with a PREMIERE banner with a countdown until the start time). Fr David will introduce the liturgy from around 0955 with the service proper starting at 1000.

After the Live Stream finishes

Previous Live liturgies are available on our Youtube Channel so if you can’t make the live 10am slot, you will be able to watch and join in later.

Let us know how it went for you. In these early stages understanding that you could hear and see things properly (or not) is going to be really useful feedback. You can comment on our Facebook site, send a message via Facebook, email us, send a comment via this website or even comment at the bottom of this page itself.

If you’re interested, you can also subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Mass Live Stream”

  1. So wonderful to celebrate mass and feel together with our Church family whilst self isolating.

  2. Beautiful to still be able to worship the Lord and hear his reassuring teachings. Thank you for working so hard for us to bring us this peace in the midst of our troubled world.

  3. Thankyou Father David and all involved in bringing the mass into our homes…such a comfort during these troubled times.

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