img_0973Joseph and I arrived at the next inn just after 6pm. It was already dark so it was good to get in the warm house which had a pretty little tree. We sat with our feet up while the hostess finished feeding her animals….funny little creatures called guinea pigs and they squeak vey loudly until they’re fed! Fortunately there was some spare hay for our donkey.

Once the animals were fed it was our turn to eat. It was also good to have a little chat over food. Everyone on our journey so far has been very welcoming.

After a short rest our hostess excused herself to go and do some baking….apparently this is normal behaviour at this time of year as everyone likes to eat something sweet…..Joseph tasted mince pies, loving them so much that he had 3, I just enjoyed the cup cakes!

We had a good evening watching TV about a king with 6 wives. Our host arrived home from work and joined Joseph for yet another mince pie!