We met Jeanette at Ty Williams.

She guided us to her home near the River Usk in Newport where she introduced us to her husband Tony. Tony and Jeanette live in a large house where they brought up their four children. The house is much quieter now that they have all left home.


Tony turned up this heating to welcome us and we shared a pot of tea. They created a make-shift stable in their summer house where our donkey would be comfortable.

They asked us if we minded that they would be out in the evening as they were going to see a comedian in Abergavenny. We were glad of the privacy. Staying with other people is fine, but it was so good to have the house to ourselves. Mary could stretch out on the sofa and I rubbed her feet.

We ate a delicious supper that they had prepared, we just had to heat it up. We went to bed before they came home, but we did hear them come in at midnight.