I notice Joseph was writing about work yesterday but thankfully it’s not always about the daily grind! One of our hosts today was enjoying a bit of downtime so we joined in with a bit of ‘FIFA’ on the Playstation. I’m learning the lingo as I go, not to mention the nuances of the offside rule. So having fun, that’s part of being human – part of being true to how we’ve been created to be.

Bringing Joy to the World.

That’s what living in the light of God is really about. After all, if living out God’s plan for us is about being dour and grumpy, it will be a hard slog. And so much harder to share that message with others. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the psalmists had in mind with their great songs of praise; or what cousin Elizabeth’s unborn baby’s reaction was when I went to see her shortly before we left’; or how the angel who announced my chosen purpose came across to me.

What is coming is going to change the world.

A Joy unlike any other we’ve known before. A Joy that will be impossible to resist. A Joy that will overcome. A Joy that will be eternal.

The world is waiting.