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La Posada – Thu 1 Dec -Celebrity


Feeling tired, uncomfortable today, we stopped to rest for a few days with the Heath family where we had a warm welcome. This evening we all watched ‘I’m a Celebrity’. I found it very interesting, and as I turned to look at Joseph I smiled. He was fast asleep, bless him.

We had supper and drank a mug of hot cocoa, it was delicious.

Dexter the dog entertained this evening, we found him very amusing.


La Posada – Wed 30 Nov – “Yes”

On our journey today, the weather became too cold to carry on, so we stopped in for coffee with Fr David and Fr Sam, who were having their weekly catch-up.

xannunciation-orthodox-mosaic-jpg-pagespeed-ic-rjigl_iexwBesides the delicious coffee and biscuits we took a keen interest in their conversations about being obedient to the will of God. It resonated with us, as we’ve recently completely given our will over to God! Still, these cold dark nights, when the going gets tough it is good for us to remember the “Yes” we gave to God at the start – and the joy and hope we have in that trust in God.

After the meeting came to a close we grabbed a few more biscuits for the road – Fr David and Fr Sam declined – something about having perfect figures for Christmas.

La Posada – Sun 27 Nov – Sioni

untitledWe arrived from Walsingham (in a box) at a place called Cardiff and the house of Sister Frances. We met her little dog who is called Sioni. He appears to be very curious and very naughty. We were all very tired so we rested for a while and had supper, after which we watched people dancing on the television. Sister Frances read her books on do-it-yourself midwifery (just in case!!) and we went to bed.