Monday 9 November – Weekday

9.30am Contemplative Mass

Tues 10 November – Weekday

No Mass today

Wed 11 November – S Martin of Tours, Bishop


Saint Martin of Tours: born in 316, Martin began as a soldier, but then was converted to Christianity and was baptised. He later founded a monastery in France under the direction of Saint Hilary. He was chosen as Bishop of Tours; here he worked hard to visit his flock, and preach against paganism. He died in 397, and was honoured as a saint – one of the first non-martyrs so to be honoured.

9.30am Midweek Mass

Thursday 12 November – S Josophat, Bishop


Saint Josophat: Ukrainian, honoured for his work for the unity of the Church; born in 1580, he became a priest and established a reputation for holiness, becoming archbishop of Polotsk. He worked strenuously to end disturbances between the Latin and Byzantine Rites in his Diocese, but was killed by in a religious riot in 1623.

6pm Mass followed by PCC at 7pm

Friday 13 November – Weekday

No Mass today

(Fr David leading a Clergy Quiet Day)

Saturday 14 November – Of Our Lady

No Mass today

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