A Church Wedding involves much planning and many supportive roles which are subject to fees reviewed each year by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales on the advice of the Bishops and set by the Parochial Church Council annually.

Because these fees are determined by central authorities in the Church and are reviewed annually, and are not set locally (other than the fee for the Organist), it is not possible to say what these will be from year to year. They generally increase a little each year, (this is to help you if you are planning ahead beyond the current year) so, as a guideline, these are the Current Fees:


(set by the Church in Wales annually)

Ministry Fee (payable to the Officiant)            £ 195.00

Church Fee (payable to the PCC)                  £ 260.00

Additional Fee set by this Parish

Organist’s Fee (payable to the individual)      £ 100.00

Total Fees for the Marriage Service in Church

For Church and Officiant without Organ         £ 455.00

For Church, Officiant and Organ                    £ 555.00

Where Banns are called outside the Parish where the Marriage Service will take place –

For Publication of Banns                                 £ 40.00