When we go to Confession, this is what we see



and all the time, this is what’s REALLY happening  ….

                                                                                                   confession (1)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ….  so there’s no need to be afraid.

Look at the second picture again ……

When we come to Confession, it is Jesus who receives us, Jesus who listens to us, Jesus who forgives us, Jesus who sends us away, heard, understood, reconciled with Him and with ourselves, and with our Faith renewed.

Many are (re)discovering the power of Sacramental Confession and Absolution, while more are still unsure, afraid, ashamed, whatever … when there is no need for all that.

Priests hear Confessions frequently and have been doing so for years. They goes to Confession regularly too!

You won’t shock them, they won’t ‘think any less of you’ – they definitely WILL NEVER TALK TO ANYONE ELSE ABOUT WHAT YOU MENTION because of the Seal of the Confessional (what is said there, stays there).

And as all good Confessors know, the Holy Spirit immediately erases what has been said in the Confessional anyway, so when next you meet, the Priest has no memory of what was confessed.

If you’ve never been to Confession and something in you is prompting you to go, have a word with a priest you trust; if you haven’t gone for ages and are a bit funny about going there again, have a word with him. Priests are available for Confession or will happily recommend other Priests to you.

If you normally go to Confession elsewhere than in your Parish, make sure you do this Lent!


Here at SS Julius and Aaron, Fr David hears Confessions regularly, by appointment and on Saturdays.


There will be a LITURGY OF SACRAMENTAL RECONCILIATION in preparation for Easter

on SUNDAY 22 MARCH @ 4pm

and on 1st APRIL (WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK) @ 9.30am

for those who don’t come to Private Confession this Lent.


This is serious stuff – take it to heart

and DO something about it!