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La Posada – Sat 24 Dec – Here at last

What a day! I had a few false alarms during the morning; Baby wants out. We knew we hadn’t far to go – but could we find a place to stay? Nowhere. Turned away from one after another; there was just no room at any inn.
As darkness was falling, we saw a light that gave us hope on top of one of the town’s hills. The donkey, who has been so good at carrying me and the little one within, seemed to know my time was near and took it very gently and carefully as we climbed. Once there,  Joseph knocked at the door; no, there were no rooms available. However, this innkeeper was unusually thoughtful and he offered us his lovely new stable with fresh straw where he said we could bed down for as long as we needed.
So here we are, at last. All is calm and, by the glittering lamps of the surrounding houses, all is bright.
As we were getting nearer to where we needed to be, we kept hearing a song about ‘glory to the new-born King’. Its words somehow made me think of my Baby and I remembered what the amazing Gabriel had told me. ‘He shall be great’, he said.
There is such a stillness about tonight. It is as if the whole world is waiting with Joseph and me for what is ahead. We’ve arrived in Bethlehem – but I know deep within me that once this wonderful Child is born, the real journey will only just have begun.

La Posada – Fri 23 Dec – Facetime

The morning started slowly. The puppy was excitable again and was unsettling our faithful donkey, so our host’s husband took the puppy for a walk.

22dec2When he returned we did the face time thing that they talked about yesterday. It was all very strange. We could speak to our host’s little girl, who was very pleased to see us and for someone so small seemed to know an awful about me, Joseph and our donkey. The little girl asked me where Jesus was and seemed a bit disappointed when I explained that he hadn’t been born yet!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning. Joseph chopped wood for the fire while I helped to clean indoors.

We warmed ourselves in front of the fire before heading to our final destination ….

The weather has taken a turn for the worse…..apparently a storm named Barbara is on the way!

La Posada -Thu 22 Dec – Puppy

We arrived at our next host’s home to a scene of chaos….there was a puppy running riot and our host’s husband was trying to catch it. It was exhausting to watch….

Our host arrived home at mid day. She had been taking her daughter to stay with her grandparents. Our host was sad that her daughter wouldn’t meet us, but mentioned something about doing face time tomorrow. I have no idea what this is…..

We said our prayers in the early evening and were then left to look after the puppy as our hosts were going to a place called ‘the theatre’ to see someone called Mary Poppins…..


La Posada – Wed 21 Dec eve – Mince pies

img_0973Joseph and I arrived at the next inn just after 6pm. It was already dark so it was good to get in the warm house which had a pretty little tree. We sat with our feet up while the hostess finished feeding her animals….funny little creatures called guinea pigs and they squeak vey loudly until they’re fed! Fortunately there was some spare hay for our donkey.

Once the animals were fed it was our turn to eat. It was also good to have a little chat over food. Everyone on our journey so far has been very welcoming.

After a short rest our hostess excused herself to go and do some baking….apparently this is normal behaviour at this time of year as everyone likes to eat something sweet…..Joseph tasted mince pies, loving them so much that he had 3, I just enjoyed the cup cakes!

We had a good evening watching TV about a king with 6 wives. Our host arrived home from work and joined Joseph for yet another mince pie!