The Second Sunday of Advent 

10am Mass with Entrance Litany

followed by refreshments for everyone


John the Baptist calling ….


‘With Humour and Joy’

John the Baptist challenges us in today’s Gospel (Luke 3:1-6). He confronts us with an urgent need to prepare the way for the coming of Christ, to straighten our meaningless meanderings and to make smooth our rough ways – and we best do so with humour and joy.

As Christians who live by Faith, we need to challenge the wisdom of the world in the way it was challenged by John, that prophet in the desert.

Humour and joy are not the first thoughts that usually come to mind with John the Baptist. Nonetheless, heeding his call in faith requires both if we are to speak the Spirit’s Word of Truth into the weary wisdom of the world and thereby call each other, as did John the Baptist, to ‘behold the Lamb of God’ – the One whose Advent we are celebrating, and in Him, find Peace and True Life.

While we are warned that it profits us nothing if we gain the whole world and ‘lose our self’, the expectation of a new earth must not weaken but rather stimulate our concern for cultivating this one. For here and now grows the body of a new human family, a body which even now is able to give some kind of foreshadowing of the new age. (from Vatican II  Gaudium et Spes)