THE GOSPEL: S Mark 6:30-34

“Sheep without a shepherd.”

This is the theme of today’s readings.

It is interest­ing that Jesus’ reaction to the crowd is one of pity – as He sees their great thirst for His teach­ings

Shepherding is a particularly suitable im­age of God’s love and care. The dependency of the sheep on their shepherd, their wandering and drifting without someone to guide them, can also speak to us of how God loves everyone and longs to draw near to us, watching over us, reaching out to guide us and shepherd us – when we trust Him and let Him!

Our own age also displays sheep without shepherds ‑ a great wandering crowd, seeking something, but not knowing what they are seeking.

As present day followers of Jesus, it is to this flock that we are sent as shepherds and encouragers  – to all around us.

So, whom do you shepherd and encourage to know God’s love and care? If not, why not?

Who shepherds and encourages you in God’s ways? If no-one, find one!

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