Start Here

This is the launch page for our online liturgy at St Julians for the forseeable future. Bookmark this page. It’s easy to remember too if you want to type it directly into your web browser (Chrome/Edge/IE/Safari/Firefox etc):

Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass is celebrated online at 10am every Sunday. To join us, please click here for our Youtube Channel and then click on the picture banner for the appropriate Sunday liturgy (it will appear at the top of list and be dated accordingly – you can’t miss it). Everything you need is in the broadcast itself and our parish community joins together at the same time – say hello in the chat if you can.

After the Live Stream finishes

Previous Live liturgies are available on our Youtube Channel so if you can’t make the live 10am slot, you will be able to watch and join in later. In these socially distant times we’d love to see your pictures/videos of you and your family participating in worship.

Let us know how it went for you. In these early stages understanding that you could hear and see things properly (or not) is going to be really useful feedback. You can comment on our Facebook site, send a message via Facebook, email us, send a comment via this website or even comment at the bottom of this page itself.

If you’re interested, you can also subscribe to the Youtube Channel which will ensure you are emailed when new content is made available.