LISTEN UP! – Sunday 30 August 2015 – Mass at 10am

Receive a Word for Your Life

‘Humbly welcome the (saving) Word’

 (S James 1 verse 21)

The reading today at Mass encourages all of us to ‘listen up’

to become aware of those times when God draws our attention to ‘the saving word’ –

those moments, however fleeting, when Truth breaks through and we are given

‘a saving word’ – a thought, a glimpse, advice, maybe an awareness which comes through the Holy Spirit to us.

Listen up, pay attention – it is a saving word.


Receive this word

ask, believe, receive

Ask, believe, receive ….

What do these words mean to you now? At this moment in your life?

Ask this word – what are you drawing my attention to?

Believe this word – trust its God-sent message

Receive this word – let its message resonate within you, disturb you, challenge you, comfort you – whatever it does …. receive it

What do these words mean to you now? At this moment in your life?


We receive these words from God

because God spoke life and salvation into our lives

through Jesus His Son, the Word made Flesh

It would be good if you could take a moment now to listen to this song about coming to Christ

to receive His ‘saving words’ into your life …

and if you would like to, feel free to share in Mass at St Julians tomorrow,

when this will be one of the worship songs ….