In this History and Guide of the Parish and Parish Church of SS Julius and Aaron, the compiler has only touched on past Roman history without going into any great depth and detail. This publication is intended to focus more on the actual history leading up to the founding and building of the Parish Church,from the latter years of the 1800’s

There is ample provision for the reader to learn more about any relevant past Roman history and the Roman martyrs mentioned in this booklet in the local library. Roman artefacts of a religious nature can also be seen in the Caerleon museum.

Further useful reading on the subject can be found in the following publications:

  • The Monmouthshire Antiquary. Edited by David H Williams. (Various Volumes)
  • St Julians Newport Gwent (A Parish History). by Gordon Southheard.

Copies of these publications are available in the reading room of the Newport Borough Library.


Thanks are due to the following who have helped in some way or other in this compilation either in the work involved or in the supply of information and subject matter used:

  • Mr Trevor Warren who supplied all the photographs for inclusion [Current web editors note – the inspiration of these pictures remains on this site but colour photos have been re-taken for web purposes].
  • Miss Betty Sage who supplied factual historical information.
  • Mrs P Williams (Pru) who meticulously proof read the manuscript for errors and deserves not only my thanks but the readers gratitude for having done so much work to ensure any inaccuracies were eliminated.

Thanks are also due to the Vicar and Churchwardens for allowing me access to some church records and the inventory.

Basil Reeve Compiler 1997