‘You are clothed with power, continually praising God’ (from S Luke 24:49, 53)

These words sum up the promise of Jesus at His Ascension,

that reality of how we can live His Risen Life, here – now.

Our true status in Christ: ‘clothed with power’ (the Holy Spirit)

How to maintain this awareness?: by ‘continually praising God’

Take a look at the icon of the Feast above

Notice Christ, blessing as He parts from His Mother and His other disciples;

note the varying attitudes as He goes ….

some, heads bowed in sadness, others in reverence

some, hands and arms raised in beseeching, others in praise

one pointing finger, wondering … accusing?

Mary, orante – serene in prayer

You are represented there …. which one are you, do you think?

Hold that realisation ….

And know, deep within you, that wherever and however you are, at any given moment,

the Risen Ascended Christ Jesus is watching over you with blessing

never far away, always near, right here with you.

That’s the truth which the Ascension of Our Lord invites you to embrace

and learn to live into:

At any given moment,

Jesus is never far away, always near, right here with you ….

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