Stations of the Cross for Young People at Noon

Liturgy of the Passion at 3pm


We walk with Christ through the Way of the Cross at Midday

We listen, we worship, we touch the wonder of Calvary at 3pm

Join us – it could change your life!

After keeping vigil (‘Could you not watch with me one hour?’) Maundy Thursday night passes into Good Friday with its ancient Liturgy.

The Narrative of the Passion according to S John (chapter 18 and 19) is characteristically presented in dramatic form as the central Scripture of the Day.

The Veneration of the Cross follows, as we go in heart and mind to Calvary and ‘see our name written on His Hands and in His Wounds’.

The Eucharist is not celebrated on Good Friday, but for the Consecrated Sacrament remaining from the Maundy Thursday Mass is given in Holy Communion.

The Church remains stripped of all decoration. It continues bare and empty through the following day, which is a day without a liturgy: there can be no adequate way of recalling the being dead of the Son of God, other than silence and desolation. But within the silence there grows a sense of peace and completion, and then rising excitement as the EasterVigil draws near.