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Thursday 14 Dec – Pilgrims on the journey

On leaving Mass last night I welcomes Mary & Joseph to share my home. It was with great joy that we said night prayers together at my Holy Corner.

On waking up my thoughts went to them and felt great happiness to be with them. After breakfast we rejoiced and gave thanks for our food and for sharing precious time together and saying morning prayers.

I have promised them both that I will journey with them to Bethlehem and on Christmas Eve I shall celebrate the BIRTH OF CHRIST with great thankfulness.

Thursday 14 Dec – Saying ‘Yes’ in my heart

I woke up to bright sun. A welcome change after the torrential rain of yesterday.

Avril read from ‘Awakening to Wonder’. Jospeh had fed the donkey so we sat down to breakfast. Avril just had coffee and drinks lots of it!

Avril has had to go to the doctor’s so I am sitting quietly again and reflecting back over the last year. How afraid I was when the angel appeared to me and told me I was highly favoured and that the Lord was with me and then my shock when he told me I was going to have a Son who was going to be great the the Son of the Most High.

You can imagine this was worrying news to me as I was a virgin and bethrothed to Joseph but the angel explained that the Holy Spirit would come upon me and my baby would be the Son of God.

At once I felt an inner peace and I accepted gratefully the will of God. I said Yes in my heart.

Jesus has just given me a kick and I recall one of the sentences that Avril read this morning from the prayer of St Benedict – Patience to wait for You. So my dear Son, I wait in joyful anticipation of your arrival. I love you now and I will love you forever.

We are now to continue our journey to a new destination as we move ever closer to Bethlehem.

Wednesday 13 Dec – The Jesus Prayer

Joseph and I have travelled a short distance to the home of Avril. It is very quiet and warm and I am glad to put my feet up and sit comfortably.

Avril told me that she missed the Jesus Prayer this morning. She explained the breathing technique and we recited the words together. Then we sat in silence for about 20 minutes. The prayer has a wonderfully calming effect.

We had salmon for dinner, not a fish I had tried before but I really enjoyed my meal,

Following night prayers, Joseph and I retired to bed.

Tuesday 12 Dec – Skittles night

Philippa brought me to skittles tonight. What a strange game – hitting over some bits of wood with balls. They’re not very good at it and they’re all really noisy.

Be glad of a nice quiet night when I get home.

Maybe I ought to ask Joseph to make them some new skittles for their next game?

Tuesday 12 Dec – Of Samson & Snowmen

How strange. A man made out of snow!

It was very cold for my lovely donkey. We have all been brought in from the clod and settling into Philippa and Gethin’s home for the night. Samson, the cat, is very welcoming and keeps staring at us.

Just like my land where I grew up, the young men are sat around together talking. The topic is about our God, the loving Father. How sad that they have not realised yet that the goodness within them comes from God. They are so kind and speak so well of each other.

Hope our journey is not much further. The baby is kicking and getting ready for His new life with us. God bless, love Mary & Joseph.