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Sunday 17 Dec – Questions

We arrived at our next stop after Sunday service. We were a bit delayed because we had stayed at church to help our hostess with the Sunday School’s talents – something called a Lucky Dip.

There is a little girl living at this house who keeps asking if we are going to Bethlehem. She also has lots of questions about why Joseph has a stick to walk, and why we have no shoes on. I wonder if my son will be so inquisitive.

We are being well looked after. We shall rest here for one evening before we travel a short distance to our next stop.

Sunday 17 Dec – Travelling on

After our much needed rest and sleep, this morning we have to get ready to start our long journey to Bethlehem. We had a lovely breakfast, then helped to feed to beautiful wild birds in the garden of the Heath household, among them there was one white dove.

Joseph and I have stayed in many warm, welcoming houses in the town of Newport and saying farewell to them all is sad, but my time of giving birth to our very special child, I feel, is drawing near.

We say a fond farewell to our hosts and carry on to our next place of rest.

Saturday 16 Dec – Little Donkey

This morning we were taken to St Julian’s Parish Church to meet our new hosts. Joseph, myself and our little donkey were taken to our host’s home; on the way there we stopped to buy milk, bread and vegetables.

Our little donkey was put in a little wooden hut which had plenty of hay, food and water. He also had two little chickens to keep him company.

Inside the house our host showed us a small room, inside was a closet which had warm water running out of the round shaped pipe. She said it was a called I shower, which I enjoyed (once I was shown how to use it).

After Joseph and I had rested, we helped make lasagne and pasties which we had for supper (delicious).

Thursday 14 Dec – Pilgrims on the journey

On leaving Mass last night I welcomes Mary & Joseph to share my home. It was with great joy that we said night prayers together at my Holy Corner.

On waking up my thoughts went to them and felt great happiness to be with them. After breakfast we rejoiced and gave thanks for our food and for sharing precious time together and saying morning prayers.

I have promised them both that I will journey with them to Bethlehem and on Christmas Eve I shall celebrate the BIRTH OF CHRIST with great thankfulness.

Thursday 14 Dec – Saying ‘Yes’ in my heart

I woke up to bright sun. A welcome change after the torrential rain of yesterday.

Avril read from ‘Awakening to Wonder’. Jospeh had fed the donkey so we sat down to breakfast. Avril just had coffee and drinks lots of it!

Avril has had to go to the doctor’s so I am sitting quietly again and reflecting back over the last year. How afraid I was when the angel appeared to me and told me I was highly favoured and that the Lord was with me and then my shock when he told me I was going to have a Son who was going to be great the the Son of the Most High.

You can imagine this was worrying news to me as I was a virgin and bethrothed to Joseph but the angel explained that the Holy Spirit would come upon me and my baby would be the Son of God.

At once I felt an inner peace and I accepted gratefully the will of God. I said Yes in my heart.

Jesus has just given me a kick and I recall one of the sentences that Avril read this morning from the prayer of St Benedict – Patience to wait for You. So my dear Son, I wait in joyful anticipation of your arrival. I love you now and I will love you forever.

We are now to continue our journey to a new destination as we move ever closer to Bethlehem.