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La Posada – Sat 24 Dec – Here at last

What a day! I had a few false alarms during the morning; Baby wants out. We knew we hadn’t far to go – but could we find a place to stay? Nowhere. Turned away from one after another; there was just no room at any inn.
As darkness was falling, we saw a light that gave us hope on top of one of the town’s hills. The donkey, who has been so good at carrying me and the little one within, seemed to know my time was near and took it very gently and carefully as we climbed. Once there,  Joseph knocked at the door; no, there were no rooms available. However, this innkeeper was unusually thoughtful and he offered us his lovely new stable with fresh straw where he said we could bed down for as long as we needed.
So here we are, at last. All is calm and, by the glittering lamps of the surrounding houses, all is bright.
As we were getting nearer to where we needed to be, we kept hearing a song about ‘glory to the new-born King’. Its words somehow made me think of my Baby and I remembered what the amazing Gabriel had told me. ‘He shall be great’, he said.
There is such a stillness about tonight. It is as if the whole world is waiting with Joseph and me for what is ahead. We’ve arrived in Bethlehem – but I know deep within me that once this wonderful Child is born, the real journey will only just have begun.

La Posada – Mon 12 Dec – Work

Quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing from an early hour today. The Innkeeper was up before sunrise to head off for her school. The Innkeeper’s husband fetched breakfast for us, then left to take the children to school and college.

20161211_191831I was taking in our surroundings a bit more today – beside us are a number of figures surrounding a new born child, looked on by their parents and what appear to be cows and sheep.I do worry about where we will end up to give birth to my Son – am I destined to give birth in a stable too?

But I know God will provide – He is with us, in the Child in my belly, in the compassion of Joseph, in the strong back of our donkey, in the hearts of so many who welcome us into their lives and homes.

We have much to be thankful for, and all will be well.

20161212_101814-1We spent the day with the Innkeeper’s husband, in the Study while he worked. He seemed to welcome our presence there – God blesses us, even as we work and provide for our families, and I think we reminded him of that.

In the evening the family came together for tea but there was more to do. First, a bit more music recording (a song about Bethlehem – where we are heading!) and our hosts spent time writing cards. There really is a bustle to this time of year – I do wonder what can possibly excite people so.

We asked for blessings on our temporary home and once again let the night take us.

La Posada – Wed 7 Dec pm -Riverside welcome

We met Jeanette at Ty Williams.

She guided us to her home near the River Usk in Newport where she introduced us to her husband Tony. Tony and Jeanette live in a large house where they brought up their four children. The house is much quieter now that they have all left home.


Tony turned up this heating to welcome us and we shared a pot of tea. They created a make-shift stable in their summer house where our donkey would be comfortable.

They asked us if we minded that they would be out in the evening as they were going to see a comedian in Abergavenny. We were glad of the privacy. Staying with other people is fine, but it was so good to have the house to ourselves. Mary could stretch out on the sofa and I rubbed her feet.

We ate a delicious supper that they had prepared, we just had to heat it up. We went to bed before they came home, but we did hear them come in at midnight.