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La Posada – Wed 21 Dec pm – Carol

Mary and I wonder who this Carol woman is who has these events held in her honour? I think there may even be a few of them. Highly thought of in these parts, anyway; everyone keeps saying how much they love the Carols.
Mary is getting very tired these days and so she found it soothing to listen to more singing – today at S Teilo’s Church where they were having their Service for Carol.
The little one inside Mary likes it too; his Mother says she can feel him responding to all the praises being sung around us.

La Posada – Wed 21 Dec am – Icons

img_1019We all spent a quiet night.

I hear Mary tell Joseph that she was very moved by the night and morning prayers in the presence of what her hostess called icons. She connected that one icon looked very much like her and there was one with a donkey in it!

You see dear reader you may never know my name but you will know the small role I played in the salvation of humankind.

Our hostess tells us she is very sad to see us go. She is very tactile and I shall miss her stroking my ears.

Now we journey to St Teilo at Alway.

La Posada – Tue 20 Dec – A Donkey’s Gospel

Morning has dawned bright and dry.

My hostess brings me some more porridge oats and tells me they have eaten porridge too. I find that very strange. Donkeys do not ordinarily eat the same food stuff as humans. Must be a quaint local custom.

Today is going to be a quiet day as quite frankly my poor Mary is all in. I don’t know how many more miles we have to go but my hostess has read that it is about 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

img_1004Mary and Joseph are sitting at the dining room table packing presents. Joseph is getting into a tangle with some sticky stuff used to keep the paper in place.

I watch how loving he is to his dear wife. You know they didn’t have the best start to married life. Mary told him she was going to have a baby and naturally enough he thought she had been unfaithful. And I can tell you there were a lot of mutterings and murmurings back in Nazareth but I knew the truth.

Being one smart donkey I must learn humility. I stand quietly and I prick up my big ears and I hear things so I know that an angel appeared to Mary and that she was going to give birth to a Son and that He would be called the Son of the Most High.

An angel also appeared to Joseph and told him not to be afraid because Mary had conceived by the Holy Spirit and they were to give their new Son the name of Jesus. Wonderful.

Of course, this should be a time when my dear Lady should be taking things easy but you don’t ignore the Romans so we journey to Bethlehem.

I took a lot of heeing and hawing from my fellow donkeys who thought it very funny that I was carrying a heavily pregant woman on my back but I know that I am one very special and blessed donkey who is carrying the most precious gift the world has known or will know.

La Posada – Mon 19 Dec pm – A beast with no burden

img_0993We arrived in our new dwelling place in late evening. Our hostess apologised for the steepness of the hill. Well, she ought to live in the Galilean Hills, back in Nazareth. I would describe her hill as a slight slope.

I am very comfortable in the shed, lying on something called a duvet. My master has told me that he is going to have a long soak in the bath and Mary is going to have a shower, whatever that is. Does it rain inside as well as out?

An hour has passed and my master, who is so kind, comes to check that I am OK and have eaten my porridge oats. He tells me that he and Mary have had a light supper and said their night prayers with our hostess.

La Posada – Mon 19 Dec am – Logs & Burgers

20161204_112220Another day with Molly. We woke up at 10.30am this morning and when we walked down the stairs mam and step-dad had prepared a lovely cooked breakfast.

Then we went Christmas shopping with mam and sister Morgan.

We wrapped some Christmas presents then watched Molly’s favourite TV series – it was so scary but Molly loved it!

Then we made chocolate logs with Molly’s sister for Christmas. They look so yummy! Can’t wait to eat them.

Then we had an amazing tea. We had burgers.