This page is updated with resources to help familiarise you with the current and upcoming musical settings in use at the Sunday Mass. This includes:

  • The response to the Litany at the start of Mass
  • The Gloria
  • The Gospel Acclamation (the Alleluia)
  • The Holy Holy (Sanctus), Great Amen and Lamb of God (Agnus Dei)

Where possible, lyrics videos are included so you can sing along. Please note that these versions may differ slightly from what we use in worship itself – keys, tempo and instrumental arrangements being the most likely tweaks. Note that some variation of the Litany response and Alleluia should be expected week on week – what is shown below are those aspects which will be used on most Sundays in this period.

About the current setting

The current setting, effective until Lent, is the Mass of St Ann by Ed Bolduc, first introduced at SSJA in 2015. You can hear a recording of it here. Ed is Director of Music at St Ann’s Catholic Church in Marietta, Georgia. You can hear Ed talking about music and liturgy at his church in this video. Although different in scale, their parish appears to share the same Charismatic Catholic outlook that ours does.

About the next setting

During Lent, there is no Gloria but the Holy Holy, Amen and Lamb of God will be taken from Liam Lawton’s Mass of the Celtic Saints. Fr. Liam Lawton is an award-winning multi platinum, Irish, singer-songwriter and Roman Catholic priest – read more about him here.

Sanctus (Holy Holy)

Great Amen


Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)